An interesting idea for photographers – the iPad portfolio

This has been tossed around already to some degree – several people have mentioned how they think the iPad is going to be great for photographers as a portfolio device. But as I mentioned in my first post, Vincent Laforet has mentioned he’s got a bigger plan for his iPad portfolio… he’s going be sending out iPads as portfolios to his potential clients!

Here’s the idea from his post: “I plan on converting my entire portfolio to the digital format with these – both still & motion. As many of you know – most art buyers these days pretty much demand that commercial photographers send their portfolios out in a printed book format. So while I can’t ditch that approach just yet – nothing is stopping me from including an iPad in that book as well to share not only stills, but also the video / multimedia work that I’ve done in the past 2-3 years. I’ve been waiting to do this for years – waiting for the perfect device – and I think that this will work perfectly – and allow me to send customized portfolios to clients as well for specific jobs. This is a lot more eco friendly (not to mention easier and cheaper to ship!) current, and dynamic way to show one’s work… I will of course offer to send “just” the iPad if art buyers are into it – but I doubt that the printed portfolio is done just yet…”

Now, I’m curious on how he’s planning on setting this up… will he just use the photos application? How does he plan to present the multimedia? Via iTunes? I’ve written him a note, hopefully he’ll shed a little more light on this for us.

It would seem to me that there may be an application waiting to be written here, one that combines both the photo and video aspects to present in one simple app. (Maybe I’m giving away the farm here, but I’ll bet someone’s already working on it somewhere). Or, maybe I need one of you app writers to contact me because I have some ideas 🙂

I’ve glanced around in the iTunes app store, but I don’t really see much there that would combine multimedia into a portfolio and we’ll just have to see how good Apple’s photo application is.


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  1. I had exactly the same thought. What better way to showcase video and present your work to a client? One decent job and it’s more than paid for itself.

    My first thought would be to utilise Keynote for this. It has support for stills & video. It wouldn’t be too hard to create a clean, crisp design within Keynote to showcase your work.

  2. One of the more moronic ideas I’ve heard. Can’t wait to see what percentage are still working on the return. Woops, it slipped off my lap. Sorry.

  3. I think its a great idea. “woops, we spilled coffee on your print portfolio” happens all the time, so its no different from a risk perspective. And the cost is cheaper per unit than that of a printed portfolio, so why not go for it. Portfolios are largely about standing out, and delivering your work on this device will definitely do that, at least until everyone starts doing it.

  4. It’s definitely cheaper and less time consuming than the print portfolio. I have delivered my Ipad – in a custom made aluminum case with my name engraved on it – to major art buyers / ad agencies in NYC and they LOVE it. It really stands out for them.
    Here’s my beef:
    I find the Apple Photo app does not navigate quite the way I’d like. For example, once clients tap into an album I want them to start at the beginning rather than have the choice of tapping a thumbnail in the middle of the album. I also don’t like that there is a choice to be in ALBUMS or PHOTOS. If a client finds themselves in PHOTOS or doesn’t realize they shouldn’t be there, they will end up missing my intended ALBUM presentation. Also, if they back out and don’t know how to get back in. And lastly, if they don’t press the ON button when they are finished, when you press the ON button later (after it goes to sleep) the new client or their coworker will be where the last viewer left off. And right now my instructions for using the device are on the First page wallpaper, so they need to be there and start at the start of my portfolio. All my Apps beside PHOTO are on the next or third sliding screen, so this helps to keep it simple and direct. (I have only NOTES on the second sliding screen.)
    Tell me if there are any apps yet please!!!

  5. I’m buying 3 iPads already
    One for me
    One for my REP in another big City
    and one to keep as ready to ship to any possible Client
    I really like the idea of using it instead of prints, specialy cause the kind of images I do, are much more interactive then just static
    Thanks for the post

  6. I have an app called 6S Slide Show in the app store that you may be interested in. Its a really simple image based presentation viewer. You can import images from your photos folder, through iTunes or through Dropbox and organize them in your presentation. The idea is that the app is always ready to do your presentation/pitch. Its free for one presentation so you can try it out and there is an in app purchase if you decide its a useful tool. There’s more info at Thanks.


  7. I know of a few apps because I’m doing a series of interviews with the developers on my blog. Look for PadPort, FolioBook (reviewed btw on my blog), Portfolio, Portfolio to go and Flexfolios on the Apple App Store.

  8. AYRTON360 – instead of buying multiple iPads you could get you own bespoke iPad app and everyone could download it.

    It look’s better and perform better than the Guardian Eyewitness App.

    It costs website money rather than pay 30k for development.

    Take a look at

    The first app using the Teleportfolio platform is available on iTunes, there is a link on the website or search for LuntDesign.

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