iPad Cases – which is right for you?

Heck, this field is just now opening up and we’re sure this will be a HUGE market… just look at the number of iPod cases you can choose from! Even the malls here in the USA have kiosks where you can pick up a case for your iPhone/iPod etc. This is big business!

Well, the race is on to find the best case (and there may be more than one ‘best’). I’m sure that many of these manufacturers are working 12-24 hour days ramping up to get their case out ‘first’ because everyone knows the first out of the door wins the big business right? Well, ok, that’s not always true, you’ve got to have a good product first!

Of course, there’s always the Apple case – which is going to really be the first available… and here’s iLounge’s first look at the Apple case.

One of the first I’ve stumbled into is the quirky ‘cloak’ (and yes, the name of the company is ‘quirky’ – I didn’t just call it that to be funny haha). It seems they’ve met their initial quota for pre-orders and are in line to have the first ones done around May 1. The cloak has a protective cover that folds over like the Apple case and can show your iPad like a photo on your desk.

I’m not sure I’m a fan yet of the fold over cover… we’ll have to see. One of my first objections is that I also bought the iPad dock when I pre-ordered. I expect to have the iPad plugged in when it is in my office, like I do with my iPhone. Cases tend to mess up that whole plan! So I’m not sure how well anything is gonna match my desires.

Hard Candy seems to be producing 5 cases initially and most of them are listed with availability of now! Both hard and soft cases as well as one that has a flip cover. The hard cover looks interesting in that the iPad seems to just sit inside and you can easily remove it if you’d like. However, I’m not seeing any picture of the cover laying back against the back of the iPad, so I’m not sure I’m too keen on that either.

And for the really classy look, why not hide your iPad inside a book? This unique design lets you put your iPad up on the shelf when not in use hidden amongst your other books. There’s no current estimate on when this will be out.

I know there will also be many ‘skin’ products like iSkin and ifrogz.

Of course, if you’d like to support planetiPad, you could pick one of the cases from our Amazon Store. There are several vendors just re-purposing existing bags/sleeves to fit your needs if you need one asap.

Oh, someone on the yahoo iPad list posted this – these are interesting carry bags made for the iPad.

I’d like to try out several of these! Vendors should be flocking to my inbox LOL!

We’ll be following this entire case issue for a while I’m sure.


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