“Several hundred thousand iPads sold” in the first week

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that “Apple could sell more iPads in its first three months than it sold iPhones in the three months after the smart phone’s debut.”

It is strange to me that I keep reading that people believe the iPad is going to be a flop or people are dumb for buying it, but yet there may be more sold than the iPhone at its introduction?

If you watch “the News HUB” video attached to the WSJ article, you’d think that the iPad was an absolute failure already because it doesn’t have some of the TV/Newsmedia content that was rumored to be in development before the iPad was announced. Yes, I’m editorializing <grin>.

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“An iPad scramble” is what they say at the beginning of the video report… because it is selling like hotcakes. But it is a downer because they say Apple is “scrambling to find publishers” and the interviewer asks “Are they going to solve the ‘problem’ before the April 3rd release?” — like this is a huge failure if Apple doesn’t manage to satisfy what the rumor mongers were touting for the iPad.

And another reporter asks “what are you buying if they don’t have the content available on April 3rd?”… I won’t even comment on that one <grin>.

“This has got to take the air out of the balloon” one reporter asks… ok, I’ll quit talking about it… LOL

So, the big news is the pre-orders. And AppleInsider provides this… “anĀ independent analysis performed by an online Apple investor community, which estimated that 120,000 iPads were sold on the first day alone, with orders then settling at a pace of roughly 30,000 per day.” And they said “By comparison, Apple sold roughly 1.2 million iPhones in the three months following its June 29, 2007 launch.”


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