Pre-ordering now won’t get you an iPad by April 3rd

I was contemplating maybe upgrading my iPad order from the 32gb wi-fi to the 64gb wi-fi this morning and when I went to the Apple store, low and behold they’re quoting “Ships by April 12th”.

That’s good news for Apple I suppose – it could mean that they’ve sold out their initial inventory. Of course, we don’t know how many that is, but for them, I suppose it is good. I’m sure they’d like to have enough inventory for someone to walk into the store on April 3rd and pick one up (that didn’t pre-order) but it appears that the demand for the iPad is high!

planetiPad store

Oh, this story on 9to5Mac indicates that orders may be nearing 1/2 million (which doesn’t include ‘reservations to pick up at the store’).

Fortune chart indicating possible iPad orders

So how many iPads will Apple sell? “Predictions on demand for iPad are astonishing

Hope you got your order in early!


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