Newsweek: Why the iPad Will Change Everything

This really is a must read article if you’re an iPad fan – and even if you aren’t maybe you will be – “Why the iPad Will Change Everything“.

And there are rumblings that lots of people agree – I’ve seen numbers as high as 1 million being sold in the first few weeks of pre-ordering. We don’t have any idea if the numbers really are that high, but you can bet this will be a blockbuster release – even higher than the iPhone. And the poll on the right hand sidebar seems to indicate that a lot of you are buying (but let’s not think it is anything scientific, after all, you’re probably reading this because you’re very interested in the iPad in the first place).

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Anyway, the article really has some great points like this:

“But the very simplicity of the iPad masks its transformational power. Some say the iPad heralds a new era of computing, and I’m inclined to believe them. The interface is so intuitive—navigating with your fingers rather than a keyboard and mouse—that it will change what we expect from our computers. ”

I tried to say similar things in my post “The rise of the tablet (is the iPad the beginning of a new era?) ” a few days ago, but Daniel Lyons says it much better!

I really can’t wait to see what the future holds for the iPad and I imagine Steve Jobs can’t either.


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1 thought on “Newsweek: Why the iPad Will Change Everything

  1. Will the iPad change everything? Of course not, but it may further change the way we communicate, travel with media, and consume traditional print; The iPhone has has already changed these things for many.

    Personally, texting and having real-time access to our company’s Exchange server are essential tools. I would much rather take a one pound iPad on vacation (with music, movies, videos, Internet access, Instapaper docs, etc.) than my 17″ MacBook. The remaining killer app for me is transferring my print subscriptions to the iPad (dear Macworld, are you listening?).

    No flash, no problem. Broken advertisements haven’t offended me yet.

    Content is the key to these products. Every aspect of iTunes and Apple’s ability to deliver content is incredible. The application is another example of how the company has reinvented something and has then dominated the market. I vaguely remember a thing called an MP3 player.

    I don’t perceive Apple as controlling what people can do as much as focusing on the user experience and wisely controlling the platform(s) their software runs on. Apple continues to gain market share and is overtaking Microsoft in value.

    These products have penetrated the culture and have changed the way we live with media. I can’t wait to see what the iPad changes for me.

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