Crazy iPad fanatic camps out 5 days early to get an iPad

You’ve just got to see this crazy guy – he wanted to be first in line to get an iPad so he tried to camp out at the
Apple store. Just watch this video report:

I think the video is fixed now – sorry – for a while youtube had it marked as ‘private’

planetiPad store

Ok, so that was really fun to make – of course it is just a parody! I read a tweet just after the iPad went on sale where someone posted something like “I’m surprised none of these crazy apple fanatics camped out in front of their own house to get in line for an iPad” and it gave me the idea for the video.

Hope you thought it was fun

Thanks to my youngest daughter for support during filming and to my oldest daughter for being embarrassed by me. I love them both!


(Photo credit: snap from the video)

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