UPS Confirms Saturday Delivery

iPad Board made a phone call to UPS and confirmed that Apple has an agreement with UPS to deliver iPads on Saturday.

“A UPS Import/Export representative has confirmed that their agreement with Apple guarantees iPad delivery by end-of-day Saturday. She had my tracking information in front of her, and the fact that my address is way out in the sticks will “make no difference”.”

I thought some of you might wanna know that 🙂

(Photo credit: snap from Apple)

4 thoughts on “UPS Confirms Saturday Delivery

  1. I encourage everyone that does not receive their iPad today to help cause a PR nightmare for UPS! Call your local TV newsrooms, your local news radio, and your local newspaper. There is no excuse for this as UPS knew we would not be getting Saturday delivery when they took the order!

    If I had known I would have reserved an iPad at the local Apple Store. To live in the suburbs of a city as large as Philadelphia and not get delivery is unacceptable.

    Plus, my iPad has been (and still is) sitting in Louisville for 3 days. If it were at the local UPS hub 15 miles away I could have driven their and picked it up (and saved UPS some money).

    I have ordered many Apple launch event items and never had this problem with FedEX.

    Time for UPS to go back to their “Whiteboard” and draw up how to entertain my friends at our iPad party tonight!

  2. I tracked my ipad from China to Newark to the local distributor and all of a sudden. I got notice that they tried to deliver and I was not home. I sure was. And UPS typically leaves a note when they failed to deliver which was not there and the status on the site changed to “out for delivery” which was never set. It went from received at the distribution facility to failed delivery. I belive they pulled a fast one. I now have to wait until Monday, and there is little in the way of options. They have disappointed me yet again.

  3. I’m in Los Angeles (Beverly Hills) and STILL no delivery. UPS said “guaranteed by 3PM”. Tracking simply says “In Transit”. I suggest we swamp Apple with complaints also. They have the power to squeeze UPS for non compliance.

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