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Ok, I’m back

Sorry for being absent without leave the last week or so, many things have been happening in my life and I needed to just put planetiPad on hold for a tiny bit. Rest assured tho, my life has changed and now I have more time to work with my iPad and report to you. So now that I’m working full time as a blogger, I don’t have to worry about getting in my 40 hours for ‘the man’ but now I have to put those hours in to serve you đŸ™‚

The iPad is still rocking my world – tho quite frankly, there are some things that I wish worked much better (and we’ll get to those in a few posts coming up). In the last few weeks, I’ve pretty much wiped my iPhone of applications and only use it for a few things when I’m away from home and don’t have wi-fi access to connect to the net. The large screen on the iPad has just absolutely captivated me and my family.

I am reading books a bit more than I have in the last few years (in fact I can’t recall the last physical book I ever bought). Right now, I’m reading “the 4 hour workweek” because I want to use my new opportunity to get off of the rat race 40 hour week if I can. I am not however reading them at a long enough stretch yet to decide if the iPad screen is tiring.

I have been contacted by a couple of manufacturers and app developers for new products and I hope to be bringing you some news on that front in the coming weeks so please stay tuned.

And thanks for your patience!


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iPhone OS 4 announcement this Thursday April 8th

It appears good news is coming this week – tho we only have sketchy details at this point… macrumors just posted this “Gizmodo reports that Apple has sent out media invitations for a preview event scheduled for this Thursday, April 8th, to show off iPhone OS 4.0. The event is scheduled to begin at 10:00 AM Pacific Time in the Town Hall on Apple’s Cupertino, California campus.”

As we mentioned before, Apple will give iPad owners the first major update (which would be 4.x) free and beyond that, there should be a small cost.

There have been rumors of multitasking and possibly other features, so it will be good to get an early idea of what is in the update. I think the developers would really like to know what is in there as well… so early warning might be very good for them.


(Photo credit: snap from the Macrumors site – which is a snap of the Apple announcement)

Syncing photos with Aperture and the iPad

When trying to sync photos from my Apple Aperture library to my new iPad, I found iTunes thought most Aperture projects were empty and thought I would give you my lesson learned (and I suspect this is true for the iPhone and iPod Touch as well).

the short answer: Update/generate Aperture previews!

The iPad has the ability to sync photos with both iPhoto and Aperture on the mac. Cool I thought! Ok, it is cool, but you have to realize that the sync only works with PREVIEW files from Aperture. If you don’t have Aperture set up to build preview files, then when you select the projects in the iTunes sync, you’ll see zero next to the project name… meaning there aren’t any photos to sync. But yet you know there are photos in the project! Well, that may be because you haven’t asked Aperture to build previews for your project.

Notice the counts for the project "iPhone files" don't match

So, how do I fix this?

First, update your preferences in Aperture:

Aperture previews preference pane

2) If you didn’t have the setting turned on to generate the previews (and I suspect you probably wouldn’t be reading this if you did have previews), you’ll need to go into Aperture and ask it to generate previews for the projects you want to import to your iPad. Note that since the iPad resolution is 1024×768, there isn’t much need to generate the huge previews, so go with the smaller options.

So there ya go – if you’re not getting the photos you thought you should, check the previews.


(Photo credit: Mitch Aunger)

10 things I learned about the iPad on my first day

Wow, how much fun was your first day with the iPad? How’d you get yours? We had a blast opening our iPad live on UStream (and you can watch the replay online as well). Here are some of my first impressions in the form of a list (I was going to say top 10 list, but it isn’t in any order).

What’s your impression? Answer the poll in the right column ==>

  1. The iPad is FAST
    Blazing fast. Makes me want to give up my iPhone (tho I need that to be away from the house). Even my daughter said she didn’t want to use my iPhone any more.
  2. It is a little heavier than I expected
    When I first took it out of the box it seemed a bit heavier than I thought it would be. It isn’t bad using it to watch movies etc, but it just surprised me that it was more solid than I expected it to be. I understand the glass is a hair thicker too.
  3. the sync with iTunes is very fast
    I’m used to the iPhone sync which takes forever. The iPad backs up quickly and moving movies and music to the iPad was very fast.
  4. the screen is amazing!
  5. the on screen keyboard isn’t too bad

  6. planetiPad store

  7. netflix app works beautifully and movies play very smoothly
  8. there are some differences between the iWork desktop and iPad applications
    my first import of a pages document showed that the table of contents and sections were eliminated. Read this page on engadget to see how to xfer your files.
  9. it won’t be your only computer – you have to sync, backup etc. from another computer
    As much as we want this to be the computer for our parents, alas, you’ve got to connect it to another computer every now and then. Especially the first time – the very first thing you see is the ‘connect to itunes’ screen. You can’t do anything else with your iPad until you do that.
  10. this ain’t your father’s computer (I don’t have anything else to say about that – it just seemed funny)
  11. I love my iPad
  12. Bonus: the battery is amazing! In the first day, after playing movies, letting the kids play with it, doing the iPad unboxing and playing a few games myself, by bedtime the battery was only at 40% remaining.

We’ll have more as we learn how well this thing works


planetiPad to host live iPad unboxing with chat on UStream

Since there are many folks who aren’t going to be able to get an iPad on April 3rd, we decided to do an unboxing live! The only hitch in the program is that we don’t know when the UPS delivery is going to happen… it could be 9am, it could be 3pm… that’s a bummer.

But here’s the link to the UStream planetiPad channel. We’ll start broadcasting every hour on the hour just to give an update starting at 9am Central time in the USA.

Oh, by the way, if you want to “speak” in the chat, then you have to register for an account at UStream – of course it is free – but you do have to register. It isn’t my requirement but theirs. You may want to do that early so you don’t have to do it later.

So, tune in and we’ll open an iPad together!


(Photo credit: snap from planetMitch on ustream)

iPad works with MoblieMe

Ars Technica pointed us to an article that Apple has released on how the MobileMe features work with the iPad. When the iPad was announced, there were questions about whether these functions would still work – tho I assumed that they would. I happen to be a MobileMe customer, tho at times, I think it could use some more features. I really like how it syncs up all my devices tho!

It seems like all of the MobileMe features are included in the iPad.

  • Email that’s in sync on all your devices.
  • Get contacts and calendars that keep up with you.
  • Take your bookmarks with you.
  • Lose your iPad? Find it with MobileMe.
  • Protect your privacy with Remote Wipe.

This is goodness for MobileMe customers!


(Photo credit: snap from the apple site)

Apps for iPad now appearing in the iTunes store

Not long ago, the iTunes store started selling iPad apps! Yep, it is true. You can start downloading apps even before your iPad arrives this Saturday. This really is a great idea so that I can be ready – thanks Apple! Now, I still have to figure out what my iPad’s name is going to be so I can name it in the sync.

And they’ve changed the terms and conditions yet again, so you have to agree to it again before you download – oh boy!

planetiPad store

I’m still not totally clear on how some applications will work – have to wait to see the iPad I guess. For example… I own a copy of the 1password app (and absolutely love it) for the iPhone… I assume it will work for the iPad but be pixelated if I run it full size. Yet I see an iPad version of 1password in the app store for $6.99. Do I have to buy that too if I want all the iPad screen size? I haven’t found any info on their site yet so I’m not sure. I just found a couple of posts on their blog so I’m reading up.

Of course, I’m buying the iWork apps and will pick a bunch of free ones to try them out.

if you want to use a cool tool, use the appshopper page for iPad.

This is so much fun!


(Photo credit: snap from the itunes app store)

Streaming sites creating iPad applications

There are going to be lots and lots and lots of applications coming out – in fact, engadget has a post about 1348 apps (their source is see their post “The IPad Apps Are Coming!“) – but there is also good news that some of the top streaming sites are creating iPad applications to deliver their content. Engadget lists Netflix (one of my favs) and ABC as the latest contenders to create an iPad application you can use to get their content.

“The free Neflix app is said to be launching along side Apple’s slate on April 3rd letting Netflix subscribers browse and manage their queues. More importantly, it will also allow subscribers to stream Netflix’s online collection of videos… There’s also a free ABC app tipped for April 3rd giving iPad owners WiFi access to full episodes of shows like Lost and Grey’s Anatomy.”

The New York Times posted that they’re hearing HULU is creating an iPad application as well. “People briefed on Hulu’s plan believe it may test the subscription approach with its iPad app. They could not say when such an application might be available.”


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Really cool arcade cabinet for the iPad – the iCade

ThinkGeek has found something really cool for your new iPad – an arcade cabinet and an iPad app that gives you all of the old arcade games that you loved as a kid.

Wouldn’t you love to play with your iPad in this cool little cabinet? What a great party treat – gather all your friends around to play with this.

iCade - iPad Arcade Cabinet

Hint – go ahead and click the buy button on their site to see a special added bonus!


(Photo credit: snap from the thinkGeek page)

And thanks to @5tu for posting this on twitter!