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which cable is right for the iPad and iPhone? or how can I charge my iPad?

Those of us with many Apple devices end up with lots of cables and there seems to be a lot of confusion about which cable is the right one to use with the iPad and the iPhone in order to get a battery charged.

The reality is that there’s only one cable that Apple ships out with any of the iPhone/iPad/iPod devices these days. In fact, you can verify that on the Apple store’s page for their one cable. The bigger question is where do you plug the other end in!

You have 4 choices of where to plug in the ‘power’ end of the cable.

  1. the iPad wall adapter (10 watt)
  2. the iPhone wall adapter (5 watt)
  3. your mac’s USB port
  4. your pc’s USB port

And each one has a different impact on your results. The key is in the power rating of each of these devices.

The iPad brick

If you have an iPad and an iPhone, you’ll note that the power ‘bricks’ are different sizes. The iPad’s power brick is bigger because it is a 10 watt whereas the iPhone charger brick is 5 watt. And, each of the devices is tuned for it’s own brick. The best choice (assuming you’re not needing to sync your device) is to plug your iPad into the wall with the iPad brick.

And, you can plug an iPhone into an iPad brick. But it will only charge as fast as it normally would on an iPhone brick. The iPad brick doesn’t speed up charging of iPhones or iPod touches.

The iPhone brick

Interestingly, you can plug the iPad into an iPhone brick, but it won’t charge as fast as the iPad does – there aren’t as many watts flowing down the cord. But it will charge. You will likely find tho that the plugs may get hot – mine does when I plug the iPad into the iPhone brick.

The mac USB options

Where most people have trouble is in picking options 3 and 4 – plugging into a mac or a PC. Tho most people don’t have any trouble with plugging into the USB ports on the back of a mac or iMac because Apple has always put high power USB ports on the back of your mac. There may be some older macs with lower power USB, but I’ve read reports from folks as far back as 2006 macbooks that seem to work, so you’d have to dive into the specs of the machine to know for sure.

But most people won’t have the same success plugging into a keyboard USB port or a USB hub. When I plug my iPad into the keyboard of my iMac, I get a “not charging” message of the iPad and that’s because these are low powered USB ports.

Windows USB

The biggest area of problems is those with windows PCs. Many people discover that plugging an iPad into their PC’s USB ports get the ‘not charging’ message because their PC has low powered USB ports. Not all USB powered ports have the same output power ratings! They think that Apple has made a mistake and are upset. The problem tho is with their PC. And what many have discovered is that tho you may get the ‘not charging’ message, there still may be charging going on but it is at a slower rate than you would have gotten if you were using the iPad brick to plug into the wall.

So for these folks with low power USB ports, you’ll need to either plug it in and wait on the very slow charging (assuming you get any charging at all, and you’ll have to do your own experiments to know for sure) or plug into the iPad brick that came with your iPad.

Non-Apple cables

I’ve also read that there are some good generic (non-Apple) cables and some inferior ones. If you buy a generic cable that is really thin, most reports are that the cable is under powered for the iPad (not thick enough wire) and will heat up when trying to charge the iPad. They also won’t be as fast. I really wish Apple wouldn’t charge $29 for all their accessories like the cables… tho I now have a ton of them lying around the house.

The best solution?

Obviously, the two best solutions are the iPad brick or a high powered USB port. And, if you’re going to travel and want to take only one brick – take the iPad brick! You can use it to charge your iPhone as well as the iPad.


Disclaimer: I’m not an engineer – only have read lots of posts about this issue and tried to summarize them for you… please don’t blame me if you try something and your device blows up.

iPad Flash frustration

I know, I know, I’m barking up a tree that won’t do any good. I’m still mad at Apple for deciding not to include Flash on the iPad. Yes Steve, I bought an iPad, but I could be happier if Flash were included. You warned me about issues that it might cause and I’m willing to live with those risks for now!

Today, I downloaded the application “Pulse” – which is advertised as the new iPad RSS reader that is going to shock the world… and it is very nice. I like it. However, it seems that much of what I’m interested in reading includes Flash content. Lots of the content is videos from the Canon HDSLRs that I blog about over on planet5D. And, as far as I know, most of the video players are Flash based… boo hoo!

I’ve also had lots of requests for iPad / iPhone versions of my blog posts (again because of the videos). And I haven’t yet been able to find a way to accomplish that.

So here I am trying to use Pulse to catch up on reading, and 2/3 of the posts I’m wanting to read include flash content. Making it very difficult to do my job properly. Steve! I’m having trouble!

Well, even tho I wrote him to complain, I don’t think we’ll get our Flash back and I’ll be frustrated until the world bends to his plans.

Anyway, if you are looking for an RSS reader for the iPad, check out Pulse!

Apple announces 3 million iPads sold in the first 80 days!

Wow! That’s a lot!

CUPERTINO, California—June 22, 2010—Apple® today announced that it sold its three millionth iPad™ yesterday, just 80 days after its introduction in the US. iPad is a revolutionary and magical product that allows users to connect with their apps, content and the Internet in a more intimate, intuitive and fun way than ever before.

“People are loving iPad as it becomes a part of their daily lives,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “We’re working hard to get this magical product into the hands of even more people around the world, including those in nine more countries next month.”

It is interesting to note that (according to wikipedia) Apple sold 6.1 million original iPhone units over five quarters. So they’re on a huge run selling a ton of iPads as compared to the launch of the iPhone. Now, I would expect that Apple would be selling more iPads than they initially did with the iPhone because even tho it is a ‘new’ product, with all of the experience with the iPhone now in the world, people are more likely to buy the iPad simply because it is easily understood. And of course, Apple is selling them in more countries than they initially did with the iPhone.

Steve recently said that Apple was selling an iPad every 3 seconds. And they sold 2 million in the first 60 days – and the speed seems to be increasing since it only took another 20 days to sell another million. I can just imagine that the folks working in the shops over in China are working their tails off with the new iPhone 4 and the iPads going out!

Anyway, congrats to Apple for the huge sales! (read the whole press release)


Testing a new version of the WordPress iPad app

Hurray! A new version of the iPad WordPress application is out. So, I thought I’d better give it a try and so I am writing this post with it.

My earlier issues with the program (read the post where I made those comments) are largely still here.

The local draft can be saved, but the option to move it up to the server is still somewhat hidden.

They’ve fixed the copy/paste issues which makes it a bit more livable.

Still, the only way to get images in the post is to have them inserted at the end and I guess you get to copy and move the HTML around to move the images. And, vie been using the caption option more often on the web version of the software and I can’t find a way to do that here.

And lastly, there’s still no visual editor and therefore you still have to type HTML for links etc manually.

So, overall, tho there are a few bugs fixed, the biggest issues for me still exist and therefor, thie only way to use WordPress on the iPad is still with safari.

This might work for some folks, but with as many things as I do with WordPress and posts with images, this just won’t work for me yet.


The new iPhone 4 and the impacts to the iPad

As I’m writing this, I’m watching the Apple Keynote from the Developer’s conference (WWDC) (I should have counted the number of times Steve said “amazing” LOL). The keynote was primarily about the new iPhone 4 – but if you ask me, it does have many ramifications for the iPad.

First, Steve announced a new iBooks version that will run on the iPad as well as the iPhone and the most significant thing to me was that it will handle PDFs! There have been lots of little applications written for the iPad/iPhone to handle PDFs and many of them have been good, but mainly, it seems that people have had trouble with them. I’m eager to see how well the iBooks app deals with getting them in and out of the iPad. One of the best seems to be GoodReader if you’re looking for one. The new iBooks app won’t be available until later this month.

The biggest questions of the day for me after watching the keynote is what are the potential ramifications of the new iPhone 4 and the new iOS 4 to the iPad.

New Display

First, is the new display technology on the iPhone – they upped the resolution on the iPhone 4 to be almost as big as the iPad but yet the screen size itself didn’t change. So is that going to be moved up to the next gen iPad? (And how soon will that be? LOL we want everything now right?). They talked about the new “Retina display” as being as close to reading on a printed page as you can get with a display. I expect that same technology to come to the iPad. They touted the iPad as the best display around with the fastest processor and now the iPhone 4 has the same processor and a display that tho it is smaller sounds like it will have a better display performance.

New Cameras

The other thing that intrigued me with the iPhone 4 was the new cameras (and everyone believes the next generation of the iPad will have a camera right?). Not to mention the new iPhone software for editing video – iMovie for the iPhone. Just imagine using that on your iPad! All of this is possible because Apple has put the same processor in the new iPhone as is in the iPad. So it should be very fast and able to handle tasks like editing and displaying movies. So the question is this… does Steve think that the iPad should have a camera or not? My personal belief is that it should – especially with the new idea of using FaceTime – and the fact that you don’t need an account anywhere and you can use FaceTime over wi-fi. The question however is how the signals are getting out… is it using the phone or is it using wi-fi for the whole conversation? There’s some description in this post, but we’re just not sure yet exactly how it will work and whether an iPad with a camera would be even able to do FaceTime.

iOS 4

When Apple announced the new iOS 4 a month or so ago, they said it would be brought to the iPad in the fall of this year. That’s great news but I’m still wondering why there’s a delay between the release of the iPhone 4 now and bringing out iOS 4 for the iPad in the fall. The best thing to me is the ‘multitasking’ – tho we all know that the iPad and iPhone already do multitasking, it is the new implementation of the ability to leave applications open in the background and to easily switch between them that is sadly lacking in the current OS. I’m really looking forward to this new tool on the iPad.

Movies and editing with iMovie for iPhone

Wow. Imagine having a camera on the iPad and being able to record movies like the new iPhone 4 can do. Especially with the new iMovie for the iPhone. The larger screen of the iPad would absolutely rock for editing movies if the processor can keep up with the video. Obviously, you won’t be importing video from the Canon EOS 5D Mark II (reviews) because of their size, but editing 720p movies on the iPad should be fun and easy.


In this post today – it is revealed that the new iPhone indeed has more RAM than the iPad! “Our friend Arnold Kim of MacRumors has verified that the iPhone 4 contains 512 MB of RAM, up from 256 MB in the current iPhone 3GS and the iPad.” That’s good news for the iPhone 4.


So, all of this new stuff in the iPhone 4 makes you really jealous (and yes, I’ve ordered one), but as we know, Apple (as most companies do) will be improving the iPad as time goes on and all of these new features of the iPhone 4 and the next release of the iOS 4 only indicates that the next version of the iPad will rock even more than the current version! I’m eager to see how good the iPhone 4 is as compared to the iPad. Having the iPhone 4 may make me use the iPad even less? At least until the iPad gets iOS 4.


Using an iPad on a movie set

Vincent Laforet has posted an interesting report about how he’s using an iPad on a commercial set (same could be done on a movie set obviously). He says:

“As is often the case with commercial shoots – storyboards, shot lists, and schedules are constantly changing until the last minute (if not during the shoot itself). In this case critical information changed and was e-mailed to everyone just ten minutes before I arrived on set – the clients and creatives made some important changes to the storyboard.

Here’s where that can get tricky: I always like to arrive early to any job – at least 1-2 hours before my “call time.” Doing so helps me to relax and to feel ahead of the curve, it also allows me to chat with people and also to avoid any potential traffic nightmares in LA. The problem with doing this is that I am often out of touch during that time – i.e. away from my computer and printer for a few hours.

If schedules change, I can always deal with that on my iPhone, and the same goes for shot lists. But when storyboards change – that’s another issue entirely. Downloading storyboards in a trailer and printing them can take 10-15 minutes – way too long on set. And that’s where the iPad 3G comes in – I can download the files and view them on screen immediately – plus they are ALWAYS on hand from that point on (no more rolling them up and putting them in my back pants pocket…)”

There’s much more a href=”″>over on his blog but we thought we’d include the video he posted as well.

iPad On Commercial Set from Vincent Laforet on Vimeo.

A quick video that shows how the iPad is becoming a viable tool to bring on set – as we know, scripts, storyboards, shot lists and schedules are always changing until the very last second. Being able to download this new material while on location – and being able to reference them (and other videos/reference photographs) on set is a great to have at your fingertips. It sure beats having a stack of papers or folders of images – that are somehow never around at the critical moment that you need them.

Next, we’ll probably be seeing daily rushes etc on the iPad right?