iPad Size: Does it Work for You?

Today, a guest post…

Whether you purchased, pre-ordered, received one free or even If you’re still drooling over unboxing videos on Youtube, there is no doubt, Apple has blew the market for Tablet PCs wide open. Even despite the fact that Windows Tablet PCs have been on the market for a great deal of time before anyone heard of the iPad or iSlate as some called it back in the rumor stages. At one point, free ipad offers and contests were showing up even before the businesses had possession of them to give away in the first place. There’s no mistake about it, Apple knows how to market.

What about the iPad itself, the screen size specifically. To be honest, when i first saw it, it was almost comical to me. I shared the same opinion as many analysts, the iPad would never sell to the loyal tech followers Apple had built. Then the game changed, as it seemed to have been all along, Apple was beginning to focus more on the average person rather than tech enthusiasts. Slowly i began to come around to the idea of having a very large iPhone to consume media. The size of the screen always played out an issue though.

Some say it’s too small to do anything productive on, i tend to agree. If i want to email, write a blog post or leave a comment on an article that may be more than a short sentence, i feel handicapped. It’s much easier to walk over to my desktop. On the other hand, some would argue that the iPad is intended only for consumption of media, rather than creation. Though i understand this viewpoint, it still seems to limit what the iPad could be by branding it as a one-way street type of device.

How do you feel about the size of your iPad? Does it work for you?

Ed note: Notice there’s a new poll on the right side of the page – thought it was appropriate with the post and with the rumors that Apple is considering adding a smaller iPad to the roster.

Josiah Staggs

7 thoughts on “iPad Size: Does it Work for You?

  1. Thanks for the post Josiah!

    I’ll add my two cents – it seems to me that my usage for “email, blog writing” etc has changed ever since I bought a wireless keyboard.

    It seems to me the holdup with content creation is the keyboard and having a physical one makes the iPad so much easier to use!

  2. Regarding screen size, I’d like to see a smaller (7″) model added to the iPad lineup.

    There’s a good reason why the 6″ Kindle is selling so well (besides price) but the device has way too much wasted space (with that physical keyboard). Although sporting a larger screen, a 7″ iPad could actually be smaller than the Kindle.

    Additionally, if HTC and other mobile device manufacturers can fit a HDMI port on a phone with a 4.3″ display than Apple certainly should be able to outfit their iPads with a Mini Displayport.

    Imagine being able to remove a 7″ iPad from your suit breast pocket and enjoy all the goodness on an external 24″ or 27″ HD LCD with beefed up resolutions.

    Please, bring it on.

  3. Absolutely a perfect size
    By far the best resolution / size to read web pages, most of which are still <1000 pixels wide
    I know it is not 16:9 resolution for HD video, but watching movies works fine, something to do with a screen only 18" from your eyes!!
    There is nothing wrong with a device to consume content (it's nice to leave the MacBook on the desk)
    Oh.. The book reader is great too, easily the best way to read a book….
    (comment entered from iPad!)

  4. The size if fine. The wireless keyboard is a must. (Don’t get the dock & keyboard combo, doesn’t work in landscape.)
    3G is good. Went to a resort that wanted $30/week for wifi. Got 3G for a month for 15 bucks.
    I’ve given two iPads as gifts to family members so I can keep in touch.
    I’m reading a free classic book per week.
    iPad is changing personal computing for the better.

  5. Other brands have tried to follow the ipad train but made the tablet smaller. Results show that ipad still is the leader in touch screen tablet. I think apple design it well and is just right size!

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