Why Advertise with us?

We’re aiming to be one of the top blogs about the iPad on the planet.

While we’d love to be #1, we think iLounge is going to continue to have that wrapped up for a while… so let’s go for #2.

We’re based on and we’re getting the attention from Google that planet5D garners. planet5D is the #1 blog on the planet for the Canon EOS 5D Mark II and the other Canon Hybrid DSLRs.

Dedicated to the Apple iPad, we’re aiming to bring in visitors. Our daily blog is giving everyone the latest news on what’s happening with the camera, what the latest hot still/video samples look like, and announcing which vendors have stock. We’re focusing on the highest quality advertisers. When you advertise on planetiPad, you will be placing your brand on a high quality family friendly site and you can be assured that your brand will only be associated with other high quality brands. The website statistics below demonstrate exactly how much exposure you can expect your advertising to receive. The ad rates tell you exactly what you can expect to pay.

What’s our traffic like?

Well, we’re brand new (and so is the iPad LOL!). We launched mid March, 2010 but in the first week, we already had the attention of Engadget, AppleInsider and others. Not to mention, we’ve been added to the page devoted to the iPad!

So, what will advertising on planetiPad set me back?

We’re going to start out with fairly inexpensive spaces. After 3 and 6 months, we’ll evaluate the traffic and we’ll let you know how we’re doing on getting you attention.

Format Details Quota Availability Price/MO Order Now
ad within blog text-most effective ad we offer-readers are here to read articles
Click to see sample placement
468×60 inside post 1 1 $100 Subscribe
post text footer – appears after the blog post just below the blog text and above the comments-also shows up on first page
Click to see sample placement
468×60 footer banner 1 1 $100 Subscribe
top of page banner-appears at top of all posts
Click to see sample placement
468×60 header banner 1 1 $125 Subscribe
Ad Buttons
Click to see sample placement
125×125 sidebar button 6 6 $75 Subscribe
  • These rates available for 3 months – pricing will be reevaluated from time to time as the blog grows
  • All rates are for one calendar month and in USD
  • Each on-site ad appears on every page
  • Advertisers provide their own creative, copy and link text
  • Graphic ads can be PNG, JPG or animated GIF, but not Flash


We’ve set up links in the table above that take you to paypal. There, you’ll see that the payments are set up on a 6 month subscription. Contact me if you’d like a different time frame. Paypal subscriptions make it easy – you and I don’t have to worry about payments each month and you’re locked in to the rates. Paypal will send you a monthly invoice as well.

Please give us a shout if you have questions!

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