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Apps for iPad now appearing in the iTunes store

Not long ago, the iTunes store started selling iPad apps! Yep, it is true. You can start downloading apps even before your iPad arrives this Saturday. This really is a great idea so that I can be ready – thanks Apple! Now, I still have to figure out what my iPad’s name is going to be so I can name it in the sync.

And they’ve changed the terms and conditions yet again, so you have to agree to it again before you download – oh boy!

planetiPad store

I’m still not totally clear on how some applications will work – have to wait to see the iPad I guess. For example… I own a copy of the 1password app (and absolutely love it) for the iPhone… I assume it will work for the iPad but be pixelated if I run it full size. Yet I see an iPad version of 1password in the app store for $6.99. Do I have to buy that too if I want all the iPad screen size? I haven’t found any info on their site yet so I’m not sure. I just found a couple of posts on their blog so I’m reading up.

Of course, I’m buying the iWork apps and will pick a bunch of free ones to try them out.

if you want to use a cool tool, use the appshopper page for iPad.

This is so much fun!


(Photo credit: snap from the itunes app store)

Getting organized with the iPad

One of the things I’m really hoping to do is to become more organized. A long time ago, I used to carry around a day planner – which was pretty good at helping me keep myself organized. Then, I bought a couple of Apple Newtons (anyone want to buy them? I still have them laying around LOL) and I thought they were great little tools – tho a bit slow and didn’t connect to the Internet easily like the iPhone/iPad does now. Going slightly off topic – I wish the iPad had the handwriting recognition that the Newton had – granted it wasn’t perfect, but it was good enough for what I needed.

Getting Things Done (GTD) is a popular method for organization. I watched a training video on this a long time ago and loved it. David Allen (the author of GTD) is a master at motivational organization… you watch his stuff and you want to get rid of the clutter. But for me, really sticking to it is sooo hard! Why can’t I keep my inbox at zero?

I have a few applications I have tried and currently, I’m trying to use Things on my mac. I have the Things application on my iPhone, but I am just not using it as much as I’d like. I decided at one point to try to keep my work and personal organization separate – so I use a program on the mac called ‘rooswitch‘ — it allows you to have multiple preference and data files – so using a program like Things, I can have completely separate data for work and personal.

Right now, my current favorite list making device is a pen and paper. Yep, I’ve gone back to that old technology!

So, once I get the iPad, I’ll be updating you as to my progress with getting organized and how well the iPad helps with that!