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How to stand your iPad on your desk the ‘stabile’ way

Ever since I’ve had my iPads, I’ve been wanting to have one sitting next to my iMac while working… either as a second monitor or as a way to use apps like Twitter to keep my iMac busy doing other things. But I’ve not found anything that would fit my needs – that is until now!

I found the ‘Stabile’ from Thought Out and ordered one right away. I think you can see why from this image:

Stabile iPad 2 and iPad Stand Holder
Stabile iPad 2 and iPad Stand Holder

Interesting choice of the name by the way… “stabile |ˈstāˌbēl| noun – a freestanding abstract sculpture or structure, typically of wire or sheet metal, in the style of a mobile but rigid and stationary.” Perfect choice!

I’ve only had mine for a couple of weeks, but the ‘stabile’ does just that. Almost like the old weebles – they wobble but don’t fall down… the stand is rock solid and doesn’t move. My iPad 2 is very comfortable and I’m thrilled to have it up off the desk. The stand is stylish (I bought black) and looks great next to my iMac.

I love being able to slide my wireless keyboard underneath as well when not in use. And the thought behind having the cord management is also very good.

Only negative (and they’re customer support group is already sending me a replacement) is that one of the base pads has moved. My office is very warm in the summer and I don’t know if it is a glue issue due to the heat or something else. So far it hasn’t fallen off. But that’s a pretty minor issue.

There is one other thing that might be a negative – but I can’t prove that it is the fault of the Stabile… I’ve just found a small nick in my cable… which may have come from me getting aggrevated the other day when the cable seemed stuck and I pulled kind of hard on it. So, blame the operator, but you should be aware that you might cause a problem if you’re impatient like me.

Pros and Cons!


  • beautiful and solidly built – all one piece
  • extremely stable… this thing just won’t tip unless you give it a good whack
  • easily place your iPad on the stand and quickly take it off
  • wireless keyboard fits perfectly under the iPad conveniently accessible when you need it
  • holds the iPad firmly even with the HandStand case on my iPad
  • comes in several ‘color’ choices – $59 for the black, others are higher
  • won’t tip or even move when you tap on the screen


  • I had one of the pads come unglued – but they’re replacing it under warranty
  • I developed a nick in my USB cable due to being impatient and yanking on the cord
  • Not portable – won’t be taking it on a trip – but it wasn’t designed for that 🙂

For feedburner daily email readers: watch the video (note: feedburner and other email systems disable the javascript embed tags so the videos won’t display.)

Stabile iPad 2 and iPad Stand Side View
Stabile iPad 2 and iPad Stand Side View


I haven’t done any extensive looking for others on the market that might be similar, but for me, the search stopped when I found this one. The only thing I’ve been able to think of that I might want to add to this would be the option to buy one that is taller. Tho that might make it less stable. You might think it is a bit on the more expensive side, but the quality and weight and design of this makes the value a bargain.

Blogger’s Disclaimer: I did purchase the Stabile but was told by the Thought Out folks that if I did a review, they’d send a refund. I’d buy one of these regardless and I don’t feel that impacted my review in any way.


Buy one at Amazon


Status of planetiPad

As you may have noticed, I’ve been absent for long periods of time. Sorry about that. Here’s what’s been going on in my life.

Not long after I started planetiPad, I was given 60 day notice that I was losing my job of 32 years. That led to long bouts of wondering what I was going to do to bring in money to feed my family. At that time I was also running planet5D (which you may already know about). planet5D was doing so much better in terms of income, and I didn’t really want to go looking for a new employer, so my wife and I decided to focus on planet5D.

And so I spent the vast majority of my time in the last year focussing on planet5D and getting that to a point where it is indeed feeding me and my offspring. But in that time, I lost focus on planetiPad.

While I’m not going to commit to being able to write a ton of stories, I will be working on reviewing a few products (see the one I just posted on the HandStand). And I will be trying to talk more about ways I use my iPad.

So I appreciate your understanding and I hope to provide you with continuing good information.


ps. the photo is something I shot at Antelope Canyon a few weeks ago on our family vacation.

The ugliest most comfortable way to hold your iPad – the HandStand

The first time I saw the HandStand for the iPad, I said “oh my, that’s ugly” and promptly deleted the email – but you know what? After about 15 seconds, I dove into my deleted emails to have a second look. As much as I disliked the look (and the email had the photo of the pink version as well – don’t get me started on that), the idea actually is brilliant and after using one for over a month, I confess that it hasn’t left my iPad 2 since the day it arrived! It isn’t really ugly, it is sleek and well built, but if you’re looking for style, you’re probably going to skip over this just like I did the first time. But looking for functionality and comfort, you can’t get much better than this.

First, have a look at the video Hub International (makers of the HandStand) has put together showing off the HandStand.

For feedburner daily email readers: watch the video (note: feedburner and other email systems disable the javascript embed tags so the videos won’t display.)

The different colors:

Handstand Colors
Handstand Colors

Pink? Really?

My feedback

One of the things I’ve always had trouble with (and you probably have too) is sitting for a long period while trying to read or surf or play a game… the iPad 2 is better than the first iPad due to weight, but it still is hard to find the right position to hold the thing. The HandStand is much better than any other case I’ve tried. When you have it on your hand, it is so nice to be able to turn your iPad to the best position without twisting your hands around.

One of my concerns was that it might scratch the back of the iPad with all that turning. They’ve certainly thought about that as there is a very good cloth pad that covers the turnie bits on the inside and from what I can see, there’s not much likelyhood of scratching. I’ve had cases for my iPods and iPhones that have scratched the case and this doesn’t appear to do that.

Another concern that will only be seen after quite a bit of use is the durability and elasticity of the hand strap… will it last a year or more? Or will it become the weak point and stretch with age? Obviously I can’t firmly answer that yet – I’ve only had it a month and a half – but it shows no signs of stress or age.

Pros and Cons!


  • indeed, the most flexible and comfortable way to handhold the iPad
  • firmly holds the iPad 2 – won’t slip
  • adjusts the iPad to any position
  • very comfortable when holding the iPad for a long time
  • Does not scratch the back of the iPad from what I can see


  • I guess some people like pink? Black or white are the best options IMHO
  • not easy to remove – but that’s also its advantage
  • won’t work with Apple’s magnetic cover
  • Doesn’t have a screen cover
  • The headphone slot is too small for my extension cord – hole could be just a hair bigger – but the standard iPhone headset fits like a charm.


I apologize to the folks at Hub International for calling the HandStand ugly, it isn’t all that bad (well, there is that pink issue) – but the HandStand is excellent for anyone who wants to be more comfortable when holding the iPad for a while – especially if you shift positions now and then – it is so easy to swivel. The ‘stand’ feature is ok, but I mainly use it for more grippage – not as a stand on a table. It is tight – your iPad is not going to fall out. It does go on and off fairly easily (you have to work at it – and working from the back and pressing around the edges is the best method I’ve found) but it is difficult enough that you’re not going to do it often.

You’re buying it for comfort and flexibility not looks and it provides both.


Blogger’s Disclaimer: The folks did provide me with a HandStand for review but honestly – I wasn’t even interested until I thought about the usability of this thing. After having it for a month, I can honestly say I’d buy one. But it did take the incentive of having one to get me to try it… and they’re not getting it back!

If you’re interested, you can buy the HandStand at Amazon (we’ll get a little commission if you do):

Is the iOS 4.2 release for iPad coming out tomorrow? *Updated*

Update: Macrumors is reporting that there’s a delay (and there are several reports of a new ‘golden master’ going out) – and indicates that the update is due on November 24th. Their source (The Telegraph) posted this update:

The iOS 4.2 software update had been expected today, but Apple has delayed it release until Nov 24, a reliable source has told the Telegraph.

Apple has refused to comment on the speculation, stating only that it had said the software update would be released in November.

But a source that works closely with Apple said that the company had shelved its original plan to release the software update today, and had instead pushed back the launch until later this month.

*original post:
Is the wait finally over? Is iOS 4.2 finally bringing multitasking and other cool new features to the iPad tomorrow? According to this story on CNET, the answer is yes!

“For iPad owners envious of the iPhone’s multitasking abilities, you won’t have to covet any longer.

iOS 4.2–software that will update, improve, and repair a variety of features and bugs for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad–could be available by Friday. Steve Jobs said last month that it would arrive sometime in November, and this week the rumormongers are pointing to the end of the week for the day it will drop. The near final version of the software was released to developers last week, and Apple has already started accepting iOS 4.2-compatible apps.

Now, this isn’t just another incremental update. iOS 4.2 is, at least from a development standpoint, an evolutionary step for the iOS platform, as it finally brings the iPhone and iPad in step with one another. Previously their OS releases were slightly out of sync, due to the iPhone software and hardware upgrades coming in summer and the iPad hardware and software getting introduced in April this year. With this upgrade the two will share the same software.”

This is one thing i’ve been waiting for! I don’t so much need to have the multitasking, but i am looking forward to so many of the other advancements.

One of the things i’m wanting is the unified inbox. Because of the websites i manage, i have several email inboxes and it is such a pleasure on the iPhone 4 to just have to look at one inbox! I know it is a little thing, but it is very important to me.

Another really frustrating issue for many that will be fixed in this release is the ability to print! We haven’t had a chance to try it yet, but many folks have been begging for this for a while. I see it would be especially important to those who might be using the iPad as their only computer.

A concern – tho minor is eloquently said by the CNET article:

“The Great iPad Lock Switch Controversy

It sounds innocent enough, that iOS 4.2 will turn the slider on the top right corner of the iPad from a screen orientation lock to a mute button. But it’s riled up some hardcore iPad users. They’re not happy that what was once a simple flick of a button to keep the screen locked in landscape or portrait mode now requires pulling up the new multitasking bar, swiping to the left, and selecting the screen orientation lock.

The change adds more steps, but what it really does is make life easier for Apple since the switch’s function will be consistent across the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch models now.”

Jobs stated a while ago that the iPad update would be out in November and if it comes tomorrow, that would be a real pleasure as they usually don’t make it until the very end of the month.

Now, there are many other little features and fixes, but let’s hope that tomorrow gives us a chance to play with them!


P.S. This post was written on an iPad

(Photo credit: “Blue in Black and White” by planetMitch (yes, I’m using my Canon EOS 5D Mark II to take stills too! HA))

iPad Size: Does it Work for You?

Today, a guest post…

Whether you purchased, pre-ordered, received one free or even If you’re still drooling over unboxing videos on Youtube, there is no doubt, Apple has blew the market for Tablet PCs wide open. Even despite the fact that Windows Tablet PCs have been on the market for a great deal of time before anyone heard of the iPad or iSlate as some called it back in the rumor stages. At one point, free ipad offers and contests were showing up even before the businesses had possession of them to give away in the first place. There’s no mistake about it, Apple knows how to market.

What about the iPad itself, the screen size specifically. To be honest, when i first saw it, it was almost comical to me. I shared the same opinion as many analysts, the iPad would never sell to the loyal tech followers Apple had built. Then the game changed, as it seemed to have been all along, Apple was beginning to focus more on the average person rather than tech enthusiasts. Slowly i began to come around to the idea of having a very large iPhone to consume media. The size of the screen always played out an issue though.

Some say it’s too small to do anything productive on, i tend to agree. If i want to email, write a blog post or leave a comment on an article that may be more than a short sentence, i feel handicapped. It’s much easier to walk over to my desktop. On the other hand, some would argue that the iPad is intended only for consumption of media, rather than creation. Though i understand this viewpoint, it still seems to limit what the iPad could be by branding it as a one-way street type of device.

How do you feel about the size of your iPad? Does it work for you?

Ed note: Notice there’s a new poll on the right side of the page – thought it was appropriate with the post and with the rumors that Apple is considering adding a smaller iPad to the roster.

Josiah Staggs

Moving up to a 3g iPad

Well, initially, i said that i wasn’t going to need a 3g ipad… and things have changed in my tech world in the last month, so i’ve changed my mind a bit and i ended up buying an ipad with 3g.

In the next month or two, i’ll be going on several business trips as well as a short vacation. After my last trip where i felt lucky that i’d found a place to stay that had wi-fi. On my vacation with the family, we’re renting a houseboat and i know there isn’t any wifi and tho i will be on vacation this blogging thing seems to require about 7 day a week effort. I know many think that this is so darn easy, but it does take a lot of work.

Anyway, i decided to buy a 3g ipad and i decided that while i was at it, i’m frustrated enough with the on-screen keyboard that i would buy the apple wireless keyboard. And, let me tell you, if you do much typing at all – a wireless keyboard is a MUST! I’m much happier working with the ipad for a couple of days before leaving on a trip. And, for example, i’m writing this post while my wife drives the car.

I’ve learned sterveral new tihings with this keyboard. I’ve always had wired equipment before this. When you get a wireless keyboard and try to hook it up the first time, the ipad didn’t instantly recognize it. You have to go into the bluetooth settings and “pair” the ipad with the keyboard. That was a bit strange to me because it wasn’t quite obvious. I had to actually look that up on the web on my mac (shocking i know! ha!). You have to tap on the setting for the new device on the ipad bluetooth settings and only then does it prompt you to type in a 6 digit number on the keyboard for the ipad to pair the two.

Most people might already know this, but i just learned another lesson – putting your wireless (bluetooth) keyboard in your knapsack/backpack where the keys can be pressed by bumping into other items in your bag will cause your i’ad to wake up and be using battery. I couldn’t figure out why my ipad was awake when i took it out of the bag and the battery was down to 90%. I’d charged it fully before putting it in the bag this morning. When we were getting ready for lunch, i started packing everything up and noticed that when i pressed a key, the ipad woke up. D’oh! Makes total sense, but i wasn’t thinking about it before. Now, i’ll have to remember to turn bluetooth off before putting the ipad in the bag.

I also live in a large city where there is 3g service everywhere. I’m not used to thinking about places where i don’t have 3g service. Well, here i am driving in a car to a location on the lake where there isn’t 3g service anywhere nearby. I’m going to have to live with downloading email via edge! Shocking isn’t it? HA. I really am very blessed!

So far tho, i haven’t really had much trouble with getting emails and maps. I bought the 2gb plan for the next month figuring that since there won’t be any wifi on the vacation, that i might end up using quite a bit of bandwidth. We’ll see. I figured that if you pay $15 for just the 200mb plan and you go over, then you’ll only get another 200mb… why not go for the gusto in situations where you’re pretty sure you’ll use it a lot. Now, the game plan tho is to keep an eye on my usage. I’m having real issues on my iphone 4 with how much data it uses (and so are many others around the world). Good thing AT&T has an app for that – one where you can see your usage on a regular basis instead of waiting till the end of the month.

I still am going to have some issues working on the planet5D blog while i’m gone. With this blog, the ipad one that is, i’m not embedding lots of videos and images so it isn’t too hard to just use the WordPress application to write a post. Tho i sure do wish that i could get the spell checking to do some of the things that i’m used to with Typinator (oh, i promised to write a post about that some time ago and haven’t done it yet). I think even the ipad should figure this out tho… why can’t i just type an i and a space and have it capitalize it? Doesn’t everyone know that space i space should be space capital i space? i don’t have to take the time to hit the shift key on my imac, so why do i have to do it on the ipad? And why doesn’t the ipad autocorrect ipad to iPad???

Anyway, i’m rambling… i’m enjoying watching the countryside out the window as i touch type on the keyboard on my lap. The ultimate screen saver!

I’m looking forward to telling you more about how well the 3g works for me while i’m out of wifi connections.


(Photo credit: snap from my vacation! Copyright planetMitch)

which cable is right for the iPad and iPhone? or how can I charge my iPad?

Those of us with many Apple devices end up with lots of cables and there seems to be a lot of confusion about which cable is the right one to use with the iPad and the iPhone in order to get a battery charged.

The reality is that there’s only one cable that Apple ships out with any of the iPhone/iPad/iPod devices these days. In fact, you can verify that on the Apple store’s page for their one cable. The bigger question is where do you plug the other end in!

You have 4 choices of where to plug in the ‘power’ end of the cable.

  1. the iPad wall adapter (10 watt)
  2. the iPhone wall adapter (5 watt)
  3. your mac’s USB port
  4. your pc’s USB port

And each one has a different impact on your results. The key is in the power rating of each of these devices.

The iPad brick

If you have an iPad and an iPhone, you’ll note that the power ‘bricks’ are different sizes. The iPad’s power brick is bigger because it is a 10 watt whereas the iPhone charger brick is 5 watt. And, each of the devices is tuned for it’s own brick. The best choice (assuming you’re not needing to sync your device) is to plug your iPad into the wall with the iPad brick.

And, you can plug an iPhone into an iPad brick. But it will only charge as fast as it normally would on an iPhone brick. The iPad brick doesn’t speed up charging of iPhones or iPod touches.

The iPhone brick

Interestingly, you can plug the iPad into an iPhone brick, but it won’t charge as fast as the iPad does – there aren’t as many watts flowing down the cord. But it will charge. You will likely find tho that the plugs may get hot – mine does when I plug the iPad into the iPhone brick.

The mac USB options

Where most people have trouble is in picking options 3 and 4 – plugging into a mac or a PC. Tho most people don’t have any trouble with plugging into the USB ports on the back of a mac or iMac because Apple has always put high power USB ports on the back of your mac. There may be some older macs with lower power USB, but I’ve read reports from folks as far back as 2006 macbooks that seem to work, so you’d have to dive into the specs of the machine to know for sure.

But most people won’t have the same success plugging into a keyboard USB port or a USB hub. When I plug my iPad into the keyboard of my iMac, I get a “not charging” message of the iPad and that’s because these are low powered USB ports.

Windows USB

The biggest area of problems is those with windows PCs. Many people discover that plugging an iPad into their PC’s USB ports get the ‘not charging’ message because their PC has low powered USB ports. Not all USB powered ports have the same output power ratings! They think that Apple has made a mistake and are upset. The problem tho is with their PC. And what many have discovered is that tho you may get the ‘not charging’ message, there still may be charging going on but it is at a slower rate than you would have gotten if you were using the iPad brick to plug into the wall.

So for these folks with low power USB ports, you’ll need to either plug it in and wait on the very slow charging (assuming you get any charging at all, and you’ll have to do your own experiments to know for sure) or plug into the iPad brick that came with your iPad.

Non-Apple cables

I’ve also read that there are some good generic (non-Apple) cables and some inferior ones. If you buy a generic cable that is really thin, most reports are that the cable is under powered for the iPad (not thick enough wire) and will heat up when trying to charge the iPad. They also won’t be as fast. I really wish Apple wouldn’t charge $29 for all their accessories like the cables… tho I now have a ton of them lying around the house.

The best solution?

Obviously, the two best solutions are the iPad brick or a high powered USB port. And, if you’re going to travel and want to take only one brick – take the iPad brick! You can use it to charge your iPhone as well as the iPad.


Disclaimer: I’m not an engineer – only have read lots of posts about this issue and tried to summarize them for you… please don’t blame me if you try something and your device blows up.

Apple announces 3 million iPads sold in the first 80 days!

Wow! That’s a lot!

CUPERTINO, California—June 22, 2010—Apple® today announced that it sold its three millionth iPad™ yesterday, just 80 days after its introduction in the US. iPad is a revolutionary and magical product that allows users to connect with their apps, content and the Internet in a more intimate, intuitive and fun way than ever before.

“People are loving iPad as it becomes a part of their daily lives,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “We’re working hard to get this magical product into the hands of even more people around the world, including those in nine more countries next month.”

It is interesting to note that (according to wikipedia) Apple sold 6.1 million original iPhone units over five quarters. So they’re on a huge run selling a ton of iPads as compared to the launch of the iPhone. Now, I would expect that Apple would be selling more iPads than they initially did with the iPhone because even tho it is a ‘new’ product, with all of the experience with the iPhone now in the world, people are more likely to buy the iPad simply because it is easily understood. And of course, Apple is selling them in more countries than they initially did with the iPhone.

Steve recently said that Apple was selling an iPad every 3 seconds. And they sold 2 million in the first 60 days – and the speed seems to be increasing since it only took another 20 days to sell another million. I can just imagine that the folks working in the shops over in China are working their tails off with the new iPhone 4 and the iPads going out!

Anyway, congrats to Apple for the huge sales! (read the whole press release)


Using an iPad on a movie set

Vincent Laforet has posted an interesting report about how he’s using an iPad on a commercial set (same could be done on a movie set obviously). He says:

“As is often the case with commercial shoots – storyboards, shot lists, and schedules are constantly changing until the last minute (if not during the shoot itself). In this case critical information changed and was e-mailed to everyone just ten minutes before I arrived on set – the clients and creatives made some important changes to the storyboard.

Here’s where that can get tricky: I always like to arrive early to any job – at least 1-2 hours before my “call time.” Doing so helps me to relax and to feel ahead of the curve, it also allows me to chat with people and also to avoid any potential traffic nightmares in LA. The problem with doing this is that I am often out of touch during that time – i.e. away from my computer and printer for a few hours.

If schedules change, I can always deal with that on my iPhone, and the same goes for shot lists. But when storyboards change – that’s another issue entirely. Downloading storyboards in a trailer and printing them can take 10-15 minutes – way too long on set. And that’s where the iPad 3G comes in – I can download the files and view them on screen immediately – plus they are ALWAYS on hand from that point on (no more rolling them up and putting them in my back pants pocket…)”

There’s much more a href=”http://planetipad.com/9j5″>over on his blog but we thought we’d include the video he posted as well.

iPad On Commercial Set from Vincent Laforet on Vimeo.

A quick video that shows how the iPad is becoming a viable tool to bring on set – as we know, scripts, storyboards, shot lists and schedules are always changing until the very last second. Being able to download this new material while on location – and being able to reference them (and other videos/reference photographs) on set is a great to have at your fingertips. It sure beats having a stack of papers or folders of images – that are somehow never around at the critical moment that you need them.

Next, we’ll probably be seeing daily rushes etc on the iPad right?


the iPad and Velcro – as well as the idea of a “moving portrait”

Well, I might not want to put velcro on the back of my iPad, but I might put it on my Apple case… this video is just going crazy around the web and I think it has some valid inputs! [Source – I first saw this on misagarcia.com]

iPad + Velcro from Jesse Rosten on Vimeo.

Two of mankind’s greatest inventions, together at last. Note: this is an exploration of what is possible, not necessarily what is practical. Tweet from the street at your own risk!

And, imagine where this is going by the way… you see the shot where they velcro the iPad to the wall. Now imagine doing a ‘living portrait’ — instead of a still photo, you take a short 20-30 second video of a person… this could really catch on!

Moving Portraits from Jesse Rosten on Vimeo.

A few shots from a vertical moving portrait fashion shoot.

I have a friend, David Harry Stewart who has a couple of moving photographs on his site that he did back in 2009, so it isn’t a new idea, but with the advent of devices like the iPad that can show off movies, maybe the idea of a moving portrait will take off! Here’s one of David’s that I really like:

(Photo credit: snap from the David Harry Stewart site)