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planetiPad to host live iPad unboxing with chat on UStream

Since there are many folks who aren’t going to be able to get an iPad on April 3rd, we decided to do an unboxing live! The only hitch in the program is that we don’t know when the UPS delivery is going to happen… it could be 9am, it could be 3pm… that’s a bummer.

But here’s the link to the UStream planetiPad channel. We’ll start broadcasting every hour on the hour just to give an update starting at 9am Central time in the USA.

Oh, by the way, if you want to “speak” in the chat, then you have to register for an account at UStream – of course it is free – but you do have to register. It isn’t my requirement but theirs. You may want to do that early so you don’t have to do it later.

So, tune in and we’ll open an iPad together!


(Photo credit: snap from planetMitch on ustream)