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Using an iPad on a movie set

Vincent Laforet has posted an interesting report about how he’s using an iPad on a commercial set (same could be done on a movie set obviously). He says:

“As is often the case with commercial shoots – storyboards, shot lists, and schedules are constantly changing until the last minute (if not during the shoot itself). In this case critical information changed and was e-mailed to everyone just ten minutes before I arrived on set – the clients and creatives made some important changes to the storyboard.

Here’s where that can get tricky: I always like to arrive early to any job – at least 1-2 hours before my “call time.” Doing so helps me to relax and to feel ahead of the curve, it also allows me to chat with people and also to avoid any potential traffic nightmares in LA. The problem with doing this is that I am often out of touch during that time – i.e. away from my computer and printer for a few hours.

If schedules change, I can always deal with that on my iPhone, and the same goes for shot lists. But when storyboards change – that’s another issue entirely. Downloading storyboards in a trailer and printing them can take 10-15 minutes – way too long on set. And that’s where the iPad 3G comes in – I can download the files and view them on screen immediately – plus they are ALWAYS on hand from that point on (no more rolling them up and putting them in my back pants pocket…)”

There’s much more a href=”http://planetipad.com/9j5″>over on his blog but we thought we’d include the video he posted as well.

iPad On Commercial Set from Vincent Laforet on Vimeo.

A quick video that shows how the iPad is becoming a viable tool to bring on set – as we know, scripts, storyboards, shot lists and schedules are always changing until the very last second. Being able to download this new material while on location – and being able to reference them (and other videos/reference photographs) on set is a great to have at your fingertips. It sure beats having a stack of papers or folders of images – that are somehow never around at the critical moment that you need them.

Next, we’ll probably be seeing daily rushes etc on the iPad right?


the iPad as a teleprompter

This could be good for the low budget movie/TV industry!

From their site: “New ProPrompter HD-i (Made for the iPad) begins shipping April 12th.

Our award winning ProPrompter HD now holds the revolutionary iPad, safe and secure, goes anywhere your camera and iPad go and comes in a custom military grade case. We created mobile teleprompting in 2002 and were the first to create a professional teleprompting App for the iPhone/iPod touch along with hardware released at NAB 2009. Now our App has had 4 free updates, became an App store staff favorite and then we introduced the first remote control feature in a teleprompting app. The NEW ProPrompter HD-i is the ultimate mobile teleprompter.

WE ARE TAKING PRE-ORDERS NOW AT A SPECIAL LAUNCH PRICE of $850 (a $150 discount). If you plan to attend NAB you can pre-order now and pick it up in Vegas. If you aren’t coming to NAB then we will ship first come first served beginning April 12th.”

Now, that’s a cool idea. Check them out if you’re going to NAB at booth #C5237