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iPad Size: Does it Work for You?

Today, a guest post…

Whether you purchased, pre-ordered, received one free or even If you’re still drooling over unboxing videos on Youtube, there is no doubt, Apple has blew the market for Tablet PCs wide open. Even despite the fact that Windows Tablet PCs have been on the market for a great deal of time before anyone heard of the iPad or iSlate as some called it back in the rumor stages. At one point, free ipad offers and contests were showing up even before the businesses had possession of them to give away in the first place. There’s no mistake about it, Apple knows how to market.

What about the iPad itself, the screen size specifically. To be honest, when i first saw it, it was almost comical to me. I shared the same opinion as many analysts, the iPad would never sell to the loyal tech followers Apple had built. Then the game changed, as it seemed to have been all along, Apple was beginning to focus more on the average person rather than tech enthusiasts. Slowly i began to come around to the idea of having a very large iPhone to consume media. The size of the screen always played out an issue though.

Some say it’s too small to do anything productive on, i tend to agree. If i want to email, write a blog post or leave a comment on an article that may be more than a short sentence, i feel handicapped. It’s much easier to walk over to my desktop. On the other hand, some would argue that the iPad is intended only for consumption of media, rather than creation. Though i understand this viewpoint, it still seems to limit what the iPad could be by branding it as a one-way street type of device.

How do you feel about the size of your iPad? Does it work for you?

Ed note: Notice there’s a new poll on the right side of the page – thought it was appropriate with the post and with the rumors that Apple is considering adding a smaller iPad to the roster.

Josiah Staggs

The new iPhone 4 and the impacts to the iPad

As I’m writing this, I’m watching the Apple Keynote from the Developer’s conference (WWDC) (I should have counted the number of times Steve said “amazing” LOL). The keynote was primarily about the new iPhone 4 – but if you ask me, it does have many ramifications for the iPad.

First, Steve announced a new iBooks version that will run on the iPad as well as the iPhone and the most significant thing to me was that it will handle PDFs! There have been lots of little applications written for the iPad/iPhone to handle PDFs and many of them have been good, but mainly, it seems that people have had trouble with them. I’m eager to see how well the iBooks app deals with getting them in and out of the iPad. One of the best seems to be GoodReader if you’re looking for one. The new iBooks app won’t be available until later this month.

The biggest questions of the day for me after watching the keynote is what are the potential ramifications of the new iPhone 4 and the new iOS 4 to the iPad.

New Display

First, is the new display technology on the iPhone – they upped the resolution on the iPhone 4 to be almost as big as the iPad but yet the screen size itself didn’t change. So is that going to be moved up to the next gen iPad? (And how soon will that be? LOL we want everything now right?). They talked about the new “Retina display” as being as close to reading on a printed page as you can get with a display. I expect that same technology to come to the iPad. They touted the iPad as the best display around with the fastest processor and now the iPhone 4 has the same processor and a display that tho it is smaller sounds like it will have a better display performance.

New Cameras

The other thing that intrigued me with the iPhone 4 was the new cameras (and everyone believes the next generation of the iPad will have a camera right?). Not to mention the new iPhone software for editing video – iMovie for the iPhone. Just imagine using that on your iPad! All of this is possible because Apple has put the same processor in the new iPhone as is in the iPad. So it should be very fast and able to handle tasks like editing and displaying movies. So the question is this… does Steve think that the iPad should have a camera or not? My personal belief is that it should – especially with the new idea of using FaceTime – and the fact that you don’t need an account anywhere and you can use FaceTime over wi-fi. The question however is how the signals are getting out… is it using the phone or is it using wi-fi for the whole conversation? There’s some description in this post, but we’re just not sure yet exactly how it will work and whether an iPad with a camera would be even able to do FaceTime.

iOS 4

When Apple announced the new iOS 4 a month or so ago, they said it would be brought to the iPad in the fall of this year. That’s great news but I’m still wondering why there’s a delay between the release of the iPhone 4 now and bringing out iOS 4 for the iPad in the fall. The best thing to me is the ‘multitasking’ – tho we all know that the iPad and iPhone already do multitasking, it is the new implementation of the ability to leave applications open in the background and to easily switch between them that is sadly lacking in the current OS. I’m really looking forward to this new tool on the iPad.

Movies and editing with iMovie for iPhone

Wow. Imagine having a camera on the iPad and being able to record movies like the new iPhone 4 can do. Especially with the new iMovie for the iPhone. The larger screen of the iPad would absolutely rock for editing movies if the processor can keep up with the video. Obviously, you won’t be importing video from the Canon EOS 5D Mark II (reviews) because of their size, but editing 720p movies on the iPad should be fun and easy.


In this post today – it is revealed that the new iPhone indeed has more RAM than the iPad! “Our friend Arnold Kim of MacRumors has verified that the iPhone 4 contains¬†512 MB of RAM, up from 256 MB in the current iPhone 3GS and the iPad.” That’s good news for the iPhone 4.


So, all of this new stuff in the iPhone 4 makes you really jealous (and yes, I’ve ordered one), but as we know, Apple (as most companies do) will be improving the iPad as time goes on and all of these new features of the iPhone 4 and the next release of the iOS 4 only indicates that the next version of the iPad will rock even more than the current version! I’m eager to see how good the iPhone 4 is as compared to the iPad. Having the iPhone 4 may make me use the iPad even less? At least until the iPad gets iOS 4.


10 things I learned about the iPad on my first day

Wow, how much fun was your first day with the iPad? How’d you get yours? We had a blast opening our iPad live on UStream (and you can watch the replay online as well). Here are some of my first impressions in the form of a list (I was going to say top 10 list, but it isn’t in any order).

What’s your impression? Answer the poll in the right column ==>

  1. The iPad is FAST
    Blazing fast. Makes me want to give up my iPhone (tho I need that to be away from the house). Even my daughter said she didn’t want to use my iPhone any more.
  2. It is a little heavier than I expected
    When I first took it out of the box it seemed a bit heavier than I thought it would be. It isn’t bad using it to watch movies etc, but it just surprised me that it was more solid than I expected it to be. I understand the glass is a hair thicker too.
  3. the sync with iTunes is very fast
    I’m used to the iPhone sync which takes forever. The iPad backs up quickly and moving movies and music to the iPad was very fast.
  4. the screen is amazing!
  5. the on screen keyboard isn’t too bad

  6. planetiPad store

  7. netflix app works beautifully and movies play very smoothly
  8. there are some differences between the iWork desktop and iPad applications
    my first import of a pages document showed that the table of contents and sections were eliminated. Read this page on engadget to see how to xfer your files.
  9. it won’t be your only computer – you have to sync, backup etc. from another computer
    As much as we want this to be the computer for our parents, alas, you’ve got to connect it to another computer every now and then. Especially the first time – the very first thing you see is the ‘connect to itunes’ screen. You can’t do anything else with your iPad until you do that.
  10. this ain’t your father’s computer (I don’t have anything else to say about that – it just seemed funny)
  11. I love my iPad
  12. Bonus: the battery is amazing! In the first day, after playing movies, letting the kids play with it, doing the iPad unboxing and playing a few games myself, by bedtime the battery was only at 40% remaining.

We’ll have more as we learn how well this thing works