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An interesting idea for photographers – the iPad portfolio

This has been tossed around already to some degree – several people have mentioned how they think the iPad is going to be great for photographers as a portfolio device. But as I mentioned in my first post, Vincent Laforet has mentioned he’s got a bigger plan for his iPad portfolio… he’s going be sending out iPads as portfolios to his potential clients!

Here’s the idea from his post: “I plan on converting my entire portfolio to the digital format with these – both still & motion. As many of you know – most art buyers these days pretty much demand that commercial photographers send their portfolios out in a printed book format. So while I can’t ditch that approach just yet – nothing is stopping me from including an iPad in that book as well to share not only stills, but also the video / multimedia work that I’ve done in the past 2-3 years. I’ve been waiting to do this for years – waiting for the perfect device – and I think that this will work perfectly – and allow me to send customized portfolios to clients as well for specific jobs. This is a lot more eco friendly (not to mention easier and cheaper to ship!) current, and dynamic way to show one’s work… I will of course offer to send “just” the iPad if art buyers are into it – but I doubt that the printed portfolio is done just yet…”

Now, I’m curious on how he’s planning on setting this up… will he just use the photos application? How does he plan to present the multimedia? Via iTunes? I’ve written him a note, hopefully he’ll shed a little more light on this for us.

It would seem to me that there may be an application waiting to be written here, one that combines both the photo and video aspects to present in one simple app. (Maybe I’m giving away the farm here, but I’ll bet someone’s already working on it somewhere). Or, maybe I need one of you app writers to contact me because I have some ideas 🙂

I’ve glanced around in the iTunes app store, but I don’t really see much there that would combine multimedia into a portfolio and we’ll just have to see how good Apple’s photo application is.