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Will the iPad work for a student?

Mark Crump has written a very interesting post on his thoughts on the “Pros and Cons of the iPad in Education

“I’m not a full-time college student, but I’ve been pursing a degree at night for the last four years (Technical Communications, so my focus on educational tools tends to revolve around writing). I’ve used Macs and iPhones as tools for the entirety of my collegiate career. When I started thinking of the possibility of using my iPad as a single-source solution — mostly to reduce weight by leaving my MacBook at home — I came up with a series of pluses and minuses I’ll personally face with the iPad. My focus here is taking notes in class first, and doing coursework second.

Although, I’m a night student, I don’t think how I use technology is different from a full-time student. I use my laptop to take notes in class, research and study in the library, and work on my homework at home. I am hoping the iPad will let me start leaving my MacBook at home for everything but the most-intensive tasks. I’m going to take a look at how I think the iPad could help me in school, or be problematic.”

Jump over to his blog at theAppleBlog.com to see his list of pros and cons – it is worth the read!


(Photo credit: snap from the Apple site – funny how I show a movie displayed on an iPad for an article about education?)