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How to stand your iPad on your desk the ‘stabile’ way

Ever since I’ve had my iPads, I’ve been wanting to have one sitting next to my iMac while working… either as a second monitor or as a way to use apps like Twitter to keep my iMac busy doing other things. But I’ve not found anything that would fit my needs – that is until now!

I found the ‘Stabile’ from Thought Out and ordered one right away. I think you can see why from this image:

Stabile iPad 2 and iPad Stand Holder
Stabile iPad 2 and iPad Stand Holder

Interesting choice of the name by the way… “stabile |ˈstāˌbēl| noun – a freestanding abstract sculpture or structure, typically of wire or sheet metal, in the style of a mobile but rigid and stationary.” Perfect choice!

I’ve only had mine for a couple of weeks, but the ‘stabile’ does just that. Almost like the old weebles – they wobble but don’t fall down… the stand is rock solid and doesn’t move. My iPad 2 is very comfortable and I’m thrilled to have it up off the desk. The stand is stylish (I bought black) and looks great next to my iMac.

I love being able to slide my wireless keyboard underneath as well when not in use. And the thought behind having the cord management is also very good.

Only negative (and they’re customer support group is already sending me a replacement) is that one of the base pads has moved. My office is very warm in the summer and I don’t know if it is a glue issue due to the heat or something else. So far it hasn’t fallen off. But that’s a pretty minor issue.

There is one other thing that might be a negative – but I can’t prove that it is the fault of the Stabile… I’ve just found a small nick in my cable… which may have come from me getting aggrevated the other day when the cable seemed stuck and I pulled kind of hard on it. So, blame the operator, but you should be aware that you might cause a problem if you’re impatient like me.

Pros and Cons!


  • beautiful and solidly built – all one piece
  • extremely stable… this thing just won’t tip unless you give it a good whack
  • easily place your iPad on the stand and quickly take it off
  • wireless keyboard fits perfectly under the iPad conveniently accessible when you need it
  • holds the iPad firmly even with the HandStand case on my iPad
  • comes in several ‘color’ choices – $59 for the black, others are higher
  • won’t tip or even move when you tap on the screen


  • I had one of the pads come unglued – but they’re replacing it under warranty
  • I developed a nick in my USB cable due to being impatient and yanking on the cord
  • Not portable – won’t be taking it on a trip – but it wasn’t designed for that 🙂

For feedburner daily email readers: watch the video (note: feedburner and other email systems disable the javascript embed tags so the videos won’t display.)

Stabile iPad 2 and iPad Stand Side View
Stabile iPad 2 and iPad Stand Side View


I haven’t done any extensive looking for others on the market that might be similar, but for me, the search stopped when I found this one. The only thing I’ve been able to think of that I might want to add to this would be the option to buy one that is taller. Tho that might make it less stable. You might think it is a bit on the more expensive side, but the quality and weight and design of this makes the value a bargain.

Blogger’s Disclaimer: I did purchase the Stabile but was told by the Thought Out folks that if I did a review, they’d send a refund. I’d buy one of these regardless and I don’t feel that impacted my review in any way.


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