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Moving up to a 3g iPad

Well, initially, i said that i wasn’t going to need a 3g ipad… and things have changed in my tech world in the last month, so i’ve changed my mind a bit and i ended up buying an ipad with 3g.

In the next month or two, i’ll be going on several business trips as well as a short vacation. After my last trip where i felt lucky that i’d found a place to stay that had wi-fi. On my vacation with the family, we’re renting a houseboat and i know there isn’t any wifi and tho i will be on vacation this blogging thing seems to require about 7 day a week effort. I know many think that this is so darn easy, but it does take a lot of work.

Anyway, i decided to buy a 3g ipad and i decided that while i was at it, i’m frustrated enough with the on-screen keyboard that i would buy the apple wireless keyboard. And, let me tell you, if you do much typing at all – a wireless keyboard is a MUST! I’m much happier working with the ipad for a couple of days before leaving on a trip. And, for example, i’m writing this post while my wife drives the car.

I’ve learned sterveral new tihings with this keyboard. I’ve always had wired equipment before this. When you get a wireless keyboard and try to hook it up the first time, the ipad didn’t instantly recognize it. You have to go into the bluetooth settings and “pair” the ipad with the keyboard. That was a bit strange to me because it wasn’t quite obvious. I had to actually look that up on the web on my mac (shocking i know! ha!). You have to tap on the setting for the new device on the ipad bluetooth settings and only then does it prompt you to type in a 6 digit number on the keyboard for the ipad to pair the two.

Most people might already know this, but i just learned another lesson – putting your wireless (bluetooth) keyboard in your knapsack/backpack where the keys can be pressed by bumping into other items in your bag will cause your i’ad to wake up and be using battery. I couldn’t figure out why my ipad was awake when i took it out of the bag and the battery was down to 90%. I’d charged it fully before putting it in the bag this morning. When we were getting ready for lunch, i started packing everything up and noticed that when i pressed a key, the ipad woke up. D’oh! Makes total sense, but i wasn’t thinking about it before. Now, i’ll have to remember to turn bluetooth off before putting the ipad in the bag.

I also live in a large city where there is 3g service everywhere. I’m not used to thinking about places where i don’t have 3g service. Well, here i am driving in a car to a location on the lake where there isn’t 3g service anywhere nearby. I’m going to have to live with downloading email via edge! Shocking isn’t it? HA. I really am very blessed!

So far tho, i haven’t really had much trouble with getting emails and maps. I bought the 2gb plan for the next month figuring that since there won’t be any wifi on the vacation, that i might end up using quite a bit of bandwidth. We’ll see. I figured that if you pay $15 for just the 200mb plan and you go over, then you’ll only get another 200mb… why not go for the gusto in situations where you’re pretty sure you’ll use it a lot. Now, the game plan tho is to keep an eye on my usage. I’m having real issues on my iphone 4 with how much data it uses (and so are many others around the world). Good thing AT&T has an app for that – one where you can see your usage on a regular basis instead of waiting till the end of the month.

I still am going to have some issues working on the planet5D blog while i’m gone. With this blog, the ipad one that is, i’m not embedding lots of videos and images so it isn’t too hard to just use the WordPress application to write a post. Tho i sure do wish that i could get the spell checking to do some of the things that i’m used to with Typinator (oh, i promised to write a post about that some time ago and haven’t done it yet). I think even the ipad should figure this out tho… why can’t i just type an i and a space and have it capitalize it? Doesn’t everyone know that space i space should be space capital i space? i don’t have to take the time to hit the shift key on my imac, so why do i have to do it on the ipad? And why doesn’t the ipad autocorrect ipad to iPad???

Anyway, i’m rambling… i’m enjoying watching the countryside out the window as i touch type on the keyboard on my lap. The ultimate screen saver!

I’m looking forward to telling you more about how well the 3g works for me while i’m out of wifi connections.


(Photo credit: snap from my vacation! Copyright planetMitch)